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Beware of Step Throat This Winter

While we’re fortunate that we get to avoid blizzards like the one that hit the East coast last weekend, we still have our own winter hazards to deal with here in Washington. In addition to norovirus, influenza and the common cold, strep throat is extremely prevalent during the winter, especially for children. While adults can develop strep, it’s not nearly as common.

Strep throat is an infection caused by the bacteria, A Streptococcus, which can infect people from saliva being passed between person-to-person. This makes sharing drinks with other people a risky activity during strep season. This is why it’s essential for everyone to wash their hands frequently.

Symptoms for strep throat include:

  • Lingering sore throat
  • Flu-like symptoms (headache, nausea, cough)
  • Fever
  • Light-headedness

Some strep throat cases occur after people have a cold, seeing as the immune system has weakened to a weakened state. Once strep develops, the infection will usually clear away within a few days. But for some people, their strep throat may grow worse and worse, necessitating eventual treatment.

Here at AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care Southcenter, we can both test for strep throat and then prescribe medication to patients if our board-certified physician deems it necessary. While most strep cases can be diagnosed simply by sight, sometimes physicians will use a swab to test if there’s no visual evidence of strep. Antibiotics will help expedite the healing process and will help patients become completely strep-free within 48 hours.

Visit us at AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care Southcenter if you think you or your child may have strep throat. To speak with one of our medical professionals, call us at 425.291.3300.

We look forward to making your winter strep-free!

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