Workers’ Compensation

Workers Compensation | Washington State LNI

Spiraling healthcare costs continue to affect the bottom line / profitability of businesses. A key element of healthcare costs, workers’ compensation, is a very real cost. Urgent Care centers, like AFC Doctors Express Southcenter, enables employees to bypass emergency rooms and receive quick treatment of injuries and illnesses, saving employers both time and money.

Employers can play 1/10th the amount to cover illnesses and injuries, while employees lose less time waiting in the emergency room and in their recovery. Small and large companies can significantly benefit from providing their employees with the healthcare coverage they deserve at a much reduced cost.

Example: A 44-year old male presents with a 102.8 fever and chills (1) Medical facility performs two chest x-rays and an ECG (2) Diagnosis is early stage pneumonia; doctors prescribes a Z pack.

At the Hospital Emergency Room, the total cost would be $1,861.00, the patient co-pay would be $100 to $150 accompanied by a 4-6 hour wait time. At AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care, the total visit cost would be $388, the patient co-pay would be $20-$35 and the wait time would be under 20 minutes with the total visit under an hour. That’s approximately an 80% savings in workers compensation cost and 2-4 hours reduction in wait time. Significant!

Recovery time can be lessened when medical assistance is provided as soon as possible. Urgent Care centers provide a compelling emergency room alternative when it comes to saving money, recovery time, both quality productivity and quality of life.

An interesting fact about drug testing & workers compensation is employers who regularly drug test employees pay less workers compensation over time? Give us a call today so we can share other ways your company or business can save money and time working with AFC Doctors Express Urgent care for your health care needs.