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Hair Drug Testing

Drug abuse in the workplace puts employers at a risk for higher insurance costs, increased accidents, more absenteeism and lower productivity. Hair testing, like all drug testing methodologies, helps to mitigate these risks by screening out applicants and employees who use drugs. AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care provides hair testing for drugs to help you provide a safe workplace for all your employees.

Hair testing for drugs of abuse is the only testing method that provides up to a 90-day drug use history. Unlike urine drug testing, which may only detect drug use within the past 2-3 days, better suited  for post-accident or reasonable suspicion testing, hair testing is the most effective way to evaluate long-term patterns of use. When compared with urine testing, hair testing provides over twice the number of positives due to its longer detection window. This makes hair testing an excellent option for a pre-employment of random testing program.

Hair testing requires a small sample of hair collected under direct supervision without any invasion of privacy. During a hair collection, the collector cuts approximately 100-120 strands of hair from the crown of the donor’s head. The hair is cut as close to the scalp as possible, so only the strands of hair above the scalp are tested and not the actual hair follicle.

5-panel hair test can detect cocaine, marijuana, opiates (codeine, morphine & 6-acetylmorphine,), amphetamines (methamphetamine, MDMA, MDA), and phencyclidine (PCP).

At this time there are no known successful commercial adulterants for hair tests and the recommended use of normal hair care products/procedures (shampoos, dyes, permanents, relaxers, bleaches) do not have a significant effect on results.

Let AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care assist you with your drug testing program. As the area’s most comprehensive Urgent Care Clinic, we offer you and your business accessible, affordable support.